Yoga Therapy


Most of us have lived with pain at some point in our lives. Sometimes, we live with it for a day, maybe a week, maybe even months or years. Working with you while you have pain gives us both a window to see what’s working that should be and what’s working that shouldn’t be. A simple concept that if you quiet the parts of your body that shouldn’t be working, then the correct muscles, tendons and ligaments can do their thing, and this is what gets us out of pain. Learning how to listen to your body will let you know when it is time to stop moving, before any pain is felt. It can take time to develop this new skill, but once found, can change your life.

Yoga Therapy is a personalized approach to reduce pain, improve strength, flexibility and develop a sense of calm. Focusing on your goals we will create a custom program of movements, relaxation and breathing techniques specifically for you. Therapeutic yoga sessions are designed to bring you into very basic body movements (pre Yoga), with less, or more often, no pain. These movements, at first, may feel very small, as if nothing is really happening, but just like any path to health and wellness, slow and steady is what will change the body. Movements then become “prescribed” exercises to be done at home when time permits. Follow up sessions will help you continue down the path of pain free movement while enhancing mobility and creating a sense of peace. Once we discover your pain free range of motion, we will progress into more classical asanas/yoga poses as a way of improving function and strength. Ultimately, you will begin to move your body the way it was intended to move, with pain-free movement, function and strength.

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